Why Does 4th Grade P.E. Homework Have Me All Worked Up? ~ CASH {Pic}

You know how I feel about our educators. They’ve been underappreciated and underpaid for way too long. I’m really hoping that we all, as a country, have more appreciation for those who take on the daily task of educating our children. It would really nice to see more funding to go to education. There’s a reason why your kid has a 10-year-old Chromebook, the school district is poor! Let’s invest in our kids.

In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to figure out my kid’s P.E. homework. I spent a good thirty minutes trying to come up with an answer to this crazy question. It’s more than just coming up with an answer, it’s coming up with an answer that a 9-year-old will understand. Monday’s assignment in P.E. was on “Trust”. Obviously, if our current situation was different, I’m sure the kids would be out running and playing a mean game of kickball at the playground. But in the meantime, let’s talk about “trust.”

The question that got me yesterday was, “Why do I feel trust?” Hmm…why do I feel trust? I’ve never heard trust used in a sentence like that or a question. Maybe I need to go back to 4th grade? I don’t know??? But I’m confused when it comes to feeling trust. As if the word “trust” is a feeling that we all get. For example, if I were to ask you, how are you feeling? Would you respond, “trusted.” Perhaps you would, but I just don’t think anyone would ever say that.

I had to take a picture so you can check it out. Again, this has nothing to do with the teaching style during the virtual academy, I was more confused with the trust question than I was at any point during my masters level aesthetics course. Check it out! Let me know if I’m out to lunch on this one.