Blake Shelton Says “2020 Sucks And I Refuse To Spend Another Minute Sober!” {WATCH}

Blake Shelton appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show Monday, Sept. 28 where he talked about quarantine, dying his hair, and joked that he refuses to spend another moment sober.

Blake said he didn’t realize how grey his hair has become until he was on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

“We were on Jimmy’s show and I turned my head to the side at some point and it was—it was no more salt and pepper,” he began. “It was just salt. When did this happen to me?”

Blake admitted they ordered Just For Men and “tried that for a while,” but his hair ended up blue or purple so Gwen had to take over and dye it herself.

“I’m not opposed to having her color my hair again,” he added. “If it makes her happy I’m cool with it.”