Kane Brown’s Makeup Artist Was Hospitalized After a Coconut Fell On Her Head During a Video Shoot

Kane Brown released his music video for “Cool Again” earlier this summer but we’re just now hearing about this on-set accident that involved his makeup artist.

Kane told WhiskeyRiff that she hit in the head by a falling coconut!  He said, “The sad thing, [she] ended up going to the ER . . . [it] hit her on top of the head.

“My wife was talking about [that possibility] right before it happened . . . [when] they came and told us, and we were like ‘Whoa!’ But yeah, I think [she’s okay now].”

He also revealed that it wasn’t quite cool  on the set of “Cool Again.”

“It was tough, it was 95 degrees out there on the beach in Miami [with] the humidity, we had to keep our masks on unless we were shooting. Our masks were pretty nasty after that.”

Via Whiskeyriff.com