Tim McGraw Shows Off the Hilarious Birthday Gift He Made for Faith Hill {WATCH}

Tim McGraw was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Sept. 23, to talk about his new album, Here on Earth and he revealed that he and wife Faith Hill have a rule when it comes to gift-giving…they’ve vowed to only spend $100 on each other for birthdays and holidays.

“We’ve gotten each other extravagant things over the years,” he reasons of the pair, who have been going strong for over 20 years. “A couple of years ago we decided that what we’re going to do is we’re only going to spend a hundred dollars each for Christmases or birthdays. I mean every now and then, I’ll go over the limit and do something stupid. But for the most part, for the last four or five years, we’ve tried to stick to about a hundred bucks each to give gifts.”

Tim did say that he decided to make Faith a present this year and went to a ceramic shop to buy a mug that he could paint himself but it didn’t turn out quite how he planned.

Hey, it’s the thought that counts right?