Socially Distanced Haunted Car Wash Opens in Ohio. ~ CASH {Watch}

If we had one of these in Hampton Roads, I would go to it every other day. At least I’m pretty sure I would.

This is awesome!

Everywhere I look I see folks attempting to save Halloween. I’ve seen some pretty creative candy shoot polls some people have made to avoid contact with potential ghosts, superheroes, and princesses walking the neighborhoods asking for candy. I think we’ll figure something out so that everyone has a good time. A quick reminder of our Trunk-or-Treat event we’re hosting with our friends at Chartway Federal Credit Union. For all the details, click here.

But this, this is genius! Anyone looking for an idea ahead of one of the greatest holidays throughout the year, here you go! Let me know when you open, I’ll be the first car in line. Check it out!