Zoo Forced to Remove Parrots from Display For Swearing at Guests

A wildlife park in England had to remove five parrots from public display because they started swearing at guests.

According to the BBC, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park adopted the African grey parrots in August and placed them in quarantine together.

One of the birds went viral for its uncanny impersonation of Beyonce.

But when the park moved the parrots into the main outdoor aviaries, they greeted guests with more than a few songs.  They started cursing at them!

The park’s chief executive, Steve Nichols, told CNN that the birds would utter “anything you can think of,” but the most common phrase was “f*** off.”

While some guests laughed it off or fired back at them with their own cuss words, the park was worried about younger ears hearing the foul language (pun intended.)

So the staff split the parrots up but they hope to return the birds to the public display, so long as their language becomes more family-friendly.

Via WTKR.com