Carly Pearce Opens Up About Her Roller Coaster Year: “I Didn’t Get Married To Get Divorced” {WATCH}

Carly Pearce talked to ET Canada about the ups and downs of the past year including her separation from husband and fellow country singer Michael Ray.

Carly told the host of the show, “Hopefully people respect us to understand that we are humans and I certainly didn’t get married to get divorced. But things happen. I think it’s just something that has to stay between the two of us and I’ve felt the love of fans and appreciate that!”

She also revealed that this year has taught her that she is stronger than she thought.


Carly talked about her new single “Next Girl” saying, “If you listen to any of my music and you listen to the stories and the way that I tell just my stories through songs, I think that’s always been a huge part of it is being honest, and being authentic. And this new music and ‘Next Girl’ is no different than that.”