Kane Brown Gives Advice to Kids Like Himself Who’ve Faced Adversity

KANE BROWN is donating the proceeds from “Worldwide Beautiful” to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.  He also spent some time recently talking to over 100 kids in a virtual town hall. The 30-minute virtual event was attended by more than 100 Boys & Girls Club members from across the U.S., as well as those living on U.S. military installations worldwide

One girl in attendance asked him to name the biggest thing he’s had to overcome.  Kane responded saying, “Growing up I had friends, family members, a lot of people that were doing stuff that could’ve taken me down the wrong path.  [But] I always looked to my friends who were never in trouble.  Those are the people that I’d try and get around.”

Kane and his mom had a falling out when he was 17.  He was on his own and things could’ve gone south, but he didn’t let them.  Quote, “I was still in high school and I could’ve just [left], but my mind told me I needed to graduate.

“So I woke myself up every morning for school, went to school, made sure I graduated . . . and that’s when the fast track to everything where I am right now started.”