Texas House Goes Viral For Halloween Dancing Skeletons! ~ CASH {Pic}

They’re dancing, stop it!

Those would, poll dancing skeletons thank you very much. Again, in the words of Don Corleone, “It’s none of my business how a person makes a living.” I think that also applies to skeletons.

I’m telling you what, the creativity I’ve seen this year, really makes me feel good moving into the future with Halloween. Folks have really stepped it up. I guess the question to ask is, do you want gorry or sexy Halloween decorations?

Angela Nava of Richmond, Texas decided to bring humor to her neighborhood for Halloween. There have been a lot of laughs along with complaints. Her HOA group has asked her to remove the decorations. More reasons to never live in a neighborhood that tells you what you can and can’t do on the property. Crazy!

Take a look for yourself.