Florida Man Catches Gator Weighing Over 1,000 Pounds! ~ CASH {Pic}

Crikey! She’s a real beauty.

This is why I would never live in Florida. I’m kidding Florida guy or girl, I love it there. My Dad and my brother both lived in Florida for a while and I would go visit for the holidays the get out as quickly as I got there. Again, I only kid about Florida. But this is nuts! These giant gators and snakes are getting out of hand.

Corey Capps first spotted the beast three years ago. According to reports, Capps first spotted the giant gator on the Apalachicola River, in Blountstown, Florida. After a three hour struggle, Capps and a couple of guys took the gator to a recycling yard to weigh her. The gator came in weighing 1,008 pounds, 35 pounds short of beating a state record.