Florida Georgia Line Address Break Up Rumors

Good news FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE fans, they are NOT breaking up. Last week it was reported that Tyler unfollowed bandmate Brian Kelly on Instagram and then later refollowed him, leading to rumors that the group was breaking up.

Tyler cleared it up in a recent interview.  Quote, “I unfollowed [Brian] for a few days in the middle of the election.  I called and said, ‘Buddy, I love you more in real life than on your stories right now.  So I’m unfollowing you.  You’re still my brother.’  I just didn’t want to see it every time I opened Instagram.”

He said politics by its very nature divides people, but he won’t let it pull them apart.  “We might have different views or [a] different set of opinions on the way we perceive our leaders, but we’re a lot alike. [Brian] and I believe in God and we put our faith in him, and we know that he’s in control over Donald Trump or Joe Biden.”

Tyler later joked, “I might unfollow BK again tomorrow just to keep the media talking about it,” and Brian added, “We are going to go full WWE on this thing.”

So there you go!  The guys are already getting tour plans ready for when they can safely return to the road.