Jimmie Allen Took Out a Massive Loan to Help His Band and Crew

If you like JIMMIE ALLEN, this will make you like him even more.  He did a round table discussion on ABC’s “20/20” along with Darius RuckerCharlie Worsham, and Ashley McBryde.

They talked about how the pandemic halted touring and left their crew and bands without work and money.  And then Jimmie opened up about the HUGE thing he did for his people.

Quote, “I did something that a lot of financial advisors wouldn’t support.  But [my] band and my crew have sacrificed so much for me, and I was stressed out because I was like ‘I’ll be good financially,’ but these guys have wives, they have families.

“So I said, ‘Screw it.’  I went to the bank, and I took out this crazy loan.  Like, a crazy loan.  But I was like, ‘I’ve got 45 years to pay it back.’  And that’s what I just decided to do.  I said, ‘Screw it.'”