Classic “Home Alone” Christmas Decorations Has Given Me A Great Idea! ~ CASH {Pic}

It’s on like donkey kong!

I was telling you about the annual Halloween and Christmas balcony decorating contests my apartment complex puts on, right? Well, they send out a giant email urging residents to get into the holiday spirit by decorating their balconies. This has become a pretty fierce competition in the year of COVID.

So, I was sittin’ there, thinking, how should I go about decorating this year? As if my decorating skills have improved from the year before. I was thinking though, what if we theme it out? That’s it! But who and what?

This is it, this has to be the direction I go for the balcony Christmas decorating contest. I’ve got a lot of work to do, I better get going. I’ll provide pics as we begin to make progress over Thanksgiving break.