Gwen Stefani Says She & Blake Shelton First Bonded Over Hallmark Christmas Movies

Gwen Stefani appeared on a Facebook Live chat with the Hallmark Channel to talk about her new song, Here This Christmas, which you can hear during Hallmark’s 2020 Countdown to Christmas movie.

During her interview, Gwen revealed that she and Blake initially bonded over Hallmark Christmas movies and still watch them together to this day.

“It’s actually one of the first things that we bonded on,” she said laughing, “…watching Hallmark Christmas movies. There’s just something about these movies that gets you so, so sucked in…”

She added that she and Shelton started watching Hallmark movies again over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We started watching them last week actually…,” she said. “We were doing our holiday Thanksgiving turkey and watching the movies, and they rolled one after another…”

Gwen also talked about the Hallmark Christmas movies Blake and his mom have been a part of.

“Blake’s mom had some movies that she did — some Hallmark movies — and they’re Christmas movies and Blake actually produced them.”

The new movie debuts Saturday, Dec. 5th on Hallmark.