How Much Did Kevin McCallister’s Dad Pay For Christmas in “Home Alone?”

I know you’ve been wondering for as long as I have. What did Kevin’s Dad do for a living to be able to treat his entire family to a Christmas trip to Paris?

They really blew it in creating a backstory with the family. Now that I’m older with kids of my own, I want to know how in the world did all of the folks who starred in John Hughes movies afford to live in such giant houses and go and do some really expensive activities.

Let’s break it down.

Fifteen tickets from Chicago to Paris at Christmas, 11 coach and four first-class ones for the adults.

A roundtrip flight on American Airlines would cost $35,320. Let’s not forget, four of the adults were sitting in first class. Must be nice.

Ten boxes of pizza, which they pay for in cash.

The pizza boy says the total is $122.50 without a tip. The average price for the pies in 2020 would be around $240 bucks!

Replacing the basement staircase.

Kevin had to manipulate the staircase in order to stop the bad guys. Let’s not forget Buzz’s shelves that Kevin destroyed trying to grab some cash for a toothbrush. Roughly, after talking to a contractor, the cost would run anywhere between $900-$2,000. Which is a lot less than what I thought it would be.

Let’s jump over to “Home Alone 2.”

Fourteen tickets from Chicago to Miami at Christmas, four first-class ones for the adults, and 10 coach tickets.

This is no trip to Paris, but it would still set you back around $9, 927.

A night in one of the Plaza Hotel’s “finest suites.”

The Royal Suite at the Plaza Hotel can run upwards of $30,000 a night. Kevin’s room went for $2,915 a night!

When it comes to what Kevin’s parents did for a living??? Online rumors have Mr. McCallistar as a day trader and the Mrs. works in fashion.

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