Taylor Swift Fans Upset After Singer Was Replaced By Brad Paisley in an Iconic Mural in Nashville.

Taylor Swift has been painted over.  Taylor was one of the artists depicted in a mural outside of a bar in downtown Nashville.  In the original, Taylor was seen sitting perched on a barstool between Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Now, it’s Brad Paisley sitting on the same stool.

Tim Davis, the artist of the mural who painted told USA Today, “I have heard many complaints here in Nashville about Taylor being on the wall with country legends since she is currently focused mainly on pop.” He went on to say, “By and large, the people of Nashville love her, as do I.”

Davis adds that it was the bar owner’s decision, not his. He is currently raising money via a Go Fund Me page to paint a mural dedicated exclusively to Taylor Swift.


Taylor Swift fans were not happy with the change and took to Twitter to voice their disapproval.