Cash Warren Explores Colonial Virginia. First Up, The Lynnhaven House! ~ CASH {Watch}

Hey, how did you spend your Christmas break? For a while, I was eating a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and laying around. Then, I thought to myself, self, you should get out and look at stuff. I mean, who doesn’t like looking at cool stuff, right? Since I got here, I’ve been wanting to go out and check out some of Virginia’s history. Over the break, I went for it.

COVID continues to ruin things and keep things shut down. That put a little damper on my discovering. I had to pick different historical sites and landmarks that were closed, but still open to walk the grounds. What better way to start than some of the old plantation style homes in and around Virginia Beach. These things are everywhere and they’re awesome. Let’s check one out!

This is the Lynnhaven House.