Luke Combs’ Wife Recovering From “Brutal” Case of COVID-19

LUKE COMBS’ wife Nicole is recovering from a “brutal” case of COVID-19. She shares the news Saturday on her Instagram stories, saying that she had “all the symptoms, except for a fever.”

Nicole told her followers, “It’s beat me up. It’s brutal, but you know I am on the up-and-coming and I am feeling great these last two or three days and hopefully, I test negative soon.”

She did not reveal if Luke had any symptoms.

In much lighter Luke Combs news. He’s on tonight’s episode of “Straight Up Steve Austin”. The promo is out and there’s a segment where they belly-up to a bar in Nashville, and Steve asks him about the “shoey” he did in Australia a few years ago.

Luke said, “The crowd started chanting “shoey”, [so] I took my boot off, filled it up with beer, and then drank my whole beer out of it. Actually, I ended up getting sick, so I don’t know what that says about what’s going on in these boots.”

The show airs tonight at 11:00 P.M. on USA Network.

(Taste of CountryTennessean)