“Batman” TV Show, Debuted on this Date in 1966. ~ CASH {Watch}

Does the show still hold up after 50 years? I find myself watching it every time I can find it. Usually, they’ll have a few episodes on Sundance on the weekends. Other than that, you probably have to watch online.

I remember being a little kid, late 80s and early 90s, right after Michael Keaton’s “Batman” hit theaters, we were obsessed. I can recall having arguments with friends of mine on who would be the Adam West Batman and who would be Micahel Keaton Batman. When you’re 8, that’s a serious argument.

It’s interesting to see how Batman evolved over the years. When he first started, he was the caped crusader. Folks, Adam West’s Batman had purple eyebrows, purple eyebrows! Also, what was up with Burt Ward’s tights? Burt Ward was the guy who played Robin. To go from so much color and Batman conducting his business during the day, to the dark knight, who hides in the shadows and beats you within an inch of your life.

Regardless, I loved and still love the old school Batman tv show. I mean, c’mon, Ceasar Romero played a pretty good Joker. And Burgess Meredith as the Penguin. You never knew what kind of a mess the Caped Crusader was going to get himself in. If you haven’t sat down and watched several hours of classic Batman, you should.

In the meantime, check out some of the videos below.