Hungry Bear, Who Should Be Sleeping, Chases Skier Down Hill. ~ CASH {Watch}

I know this is a great video and unbelievable to watch, but still, there’s a bear chasing you! I don’t think he’s trying to play tag. Also, aren’t bears supposed to be hibernating right now?

I don’t know what’s going on in Romania, but this skier had no clue he was being chased by a bear until folks from the ski lift were like, “Hey, there’s a bear chasing you!” The skier threw his backpack down, distracting the bear and allowing the skier to ski to safety.

I love how the skiers on the ski lift are just watching, thinking, oh what fun he must be having with Mr. Bear. Bears find humans a fine meal if I’m not mistaken. I’m kidding, but if a bear starts running at you and it’s snowing, chances are he’s hungry, or better yet, hangry.