Kenny Chesney “Happy Does” Co-Writer Shares Incredible Story of Meeting the Star When He Was Eleven.

This is a cool story about KENNY CHESNEY‘s song “Happy Does”.

One of the co-writers, Greylan James, idolized Kenny as a kid. They both grew up in the same hometown and at five-years-old Greylan dressed up as the country superstar for Halloween. Then when he was eleven, Greylan was playing banjo at a benefit show outside of Knoxville, Tennessee when Kenny showed up!

“I’d just gotten my first C, and I’d told my dad, ‘I don’t need school, I’m gonna be a country star. Kenny looked me in the eye. He said, ‘Here are my two things: Stay in school. Learn how to write songs, and I really took that to heart!”

It certainly did!   Years later, Kenny decided to record “Happy Does” which Greylan co-wrote with three other writers: Brock Berryhill, Brad Clawson, and Jamie Paulin.  And although Kenny wasn’t involved in the songwriting he said, “When I heard the song, it was so positive and felt so happy!. You couldn’t not smile listening, and I felt like the world needed a little bit of that right now. To me, it was everything I was raised on — and it turns out Greylan was raised on the same stuff, too.”