Surfing goats in California is a real thing and I’m hoping to see surfing goats in Virginia now. ~ CASH {Pic}

Hey, what’s that?!?! Nothing, just a surfing goat. The things you see in California. This is awesome! I didn’t even know they could swim.

I’ve seen some pretty sweet videos of dogs skateboarding, but this, how do you go about training a goat to surf? I would think they would have great balance the way some of them scale mountain walls, but surfing…

The L.A. Times reported that the goats belong to Dana McGregor, who owns “The Surfing Goats.” According to the website, Dana and his goats are here to bring joy to the world. You can surf like a goat, climb like a goat, and heck, if you want, you can dress like a goat.