Failed hair dye attempt results in being sprayed off at the carwash. ~ CASH {Watch}

What a mess!

There seems to be a lot of news on hair these past couple of weeks. That poor lady in AZ who put gorilla glue in her hair and she can’t get it out no matter what she’s tried. Quick update, she was able to cut her ponytail off. Word to the wise, don’t use gorilla glue as a hair spray replacement! Now there’s this woman.

Most folks, even guys, may have a hair dying story they can tell you about where the end results weren’t nearly as flashy as what the box said it was. I remember an old boss of mine, an older guy, thought he would surprise his wife by dying his hair. Used the product and the end results weren’t anything close to what he thought it was going to be. He wound up dying his hair back to grey. When he’s telling me the story, I was dying laughing.

This poor lady. All she wanted was to look like the woman on the box. It didn’t quite end the way she thought it was going to. Take a look!