The Muppets wrote the greatest pandemic song back in 1996. Have a listen! ~ CASH {Watch}

Does it get any better than “The Muppets?”

I’ve been talking trash for a long time about how they need to bring back “The Muppets” and other old-school shows for kids for years. While you’re at it, bring back School House Rock. On a serious note, watching and memorizing “School House Rock” videos is how I learned proper English, in terms of what’s a pronoun? I’m telling you, if your kid struggles with any of it, check out “School House Rock.”

We’re talking “The Muppets” though. I love this stuff! I wish the Old School Muppets Show would show reruns or something. In addition to having hilarious sketch comedy bits, you would also get to see your favorite musician perform. Nothing beats Alice Cooper singing “Welcome to My Nightmare” on “The Muppets Show.” It’s great!

Check out the pandemic song below.

Need help learning pronouns? This’ll help.