Popeyes Hilariously Takes On Taco Bell Over Its ‘Chicken Sandwich Taco’ {WATCH}

Popeyes came for Taco Bell.

After the fast-food chain announced their plans for a “Chicken Sandwich Taco,” Popeyes shared a “DIY food hack” to make your own using a Popeyes Chicken sandwich.

In the TikTok tutorial, the Popeyes employee demonstrates how to make a Popeyes Chicken Taco.

  • Step Uno: Buy a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich,

  • Step Dos: Open the chicken sandwich.

  • Step Tres: Rub the two buns to spread the sauce. “Do it even though rubbing the two buns sounds so wrong.”

  • Step Cuatro: Tear the Chicken in half

  • Step Cinco: Fold the bun, put the chicken inside, garnish with the pickles because “they’re jalapenos first cousins”

  • Step Seis: Amo those tacos from Popeyes.

“Celebrate #TacoTwosday with the new DIY Popeyes Chicken Tacos,” Popeyes wrote on social media. “The same Chicken Sandwich you love, but now in two tacos. Both folded by you.”

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Brett Hondow / Shutterstock.com