There’s a TikTok Hack to Stop You from Crying While Chopping Onions {WATCH}

There’s a new TikTok hack to keep you from crying while cutting an onion.

@cerealeatingghost shared a video saying that the acid in onions is attracted to a water source, which many times, happens to be our tear ducts. Her solution? Place a damp paper towel next to the onions to act as the source instead.

She says in the video, “Let me share my onion wisdom, so you don’t have to cry anymore…All you have to do is get a damp paper towel, fold it up, keep it on your cutting board. That acid will be drawn to the wet paper towel and not your tear ducts.”

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But does it actually work?

A TikTok duo @partyshirt, tested out whether it’s fact or crap and they say, it’s a winner!

“We’ve been cutting for hours and not a single tear,…Life hack of the century.”

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