Thomas Rhett Announces New Double Album, ‘Country Again’

Thomas Rhett is releasing not one, but two new albums!

He announced the news telling fans, “This is one of my favorite records I’ve ever gotten to make. I feel so centered as a person. A lot of these songs were written just kind of about the lessons I’ve learned over this decade, and for sure in 2020, like a lot of y’all have.”

“Thank you for inspiring me every day just to write better songs, to be a better singer, to be a better artist. I just can’t wait for you to get your hands on this album because I do think it’s some of my best work I’ve ever done.”

Country Again Side A is due out on April 30th.


Thomas Rhett’s Country Again Side A Tracklist:

1. “Want It Again”
2. “Growing Up”
3. “What’s Your Country Song?”
4. “Where We Grew Up”
5. “Heaven Right Now”
6. “To the Guys That Date My Girls”
7. “More Time Fishin’”
8. “Country Again”
9. “Put It on Ice” (feat. Hardy)
10.”Blame It on a Backroad”
11. “Ya Heard”