Michael Ray stops by to talk about The Royals, Grey Hair, and his new single, “Whiskey and Rain.” ~ CASH {Listen}

I know we’re all glad that 2020 is behind us, and if I had to guess, I think Michael Ray is really glad that 2020 is behind him also. I first met Michael Ray in Texas at a show that he was opening up for “Old Dominion.” In addition to playing his hit list of songs, he would throw it back to a 90s Tim McGraw song. He put on a good show. I’ve been wondering where this guy has been??? Come to find out, he’s been writing music and hanging out at “Honkytonk Tuesday” on his Instagram page where Michael plays some of his favorite country songs from the 80s and 90s.

Check out the full unedited interview here. We talked about the royals, grey hair, and his new single, “Whiskey and Rain.”


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