Texas storm chasers get uncomfortably close to a Texas Tornado. ~ CASH {Watch}

My little Texas Tornado…Who is that, Tracy Byrd?

Now, this isn’t a little tornado, this is a giant twisting wrecking ball taking out everything in front of it. And thankfully, these crazy Texans captured it all on video for us to witness.

Listen, in Texas when there’s severe weather, that gives us something to do that day. Seriously, you jump in the back of your truck and you start heading toward the action. A few years back, this guy proposed to his girl right in front of this majestic giant Tornado. It was beautiful……and horrifying.

This is a scene from the 90s blockbuster, “Twister.” Again, their nuttiness provides us with entertainment. It’s amazing to see what these tornados can do up close.

Check it out! Anyone want to go storm chasing, let me know!