Someone’s hidden firework stash just went off in Ontario, California. ~ CASH {Watch}

What in the world is going on here?

Why would you have that many fireworks in your home? Unless your planning on having the most awesome firework stand in the history of firework stands this 4th of July??? Who knows, the unfortunate part is that folks got hurt during the explosion.

I remember the summer I spent at the firework stand the year my granddad decided to run that bad boy. Honestly, might be one of the more memorable 4th of July’s I ever had. We had an awesome RV parked at the site and stayed the night there and shot off fireworks and didn’t shower and played in the dirt and blew up ant dens. It was awesome! And, I did get in trouble for dropping a giant smoke bomb in an old abandoned car in the desert. I get it, it could have started a fire.

According to the Los Angeles Times: “They are commercial grade, like you would normally see in the fireworks show.”