Virginia Beach is Getting Ready to Enter Phase 1c of Vaccinations

Virginia Beach is nearing the end of phase 1b of vaccinations and is getting ready to start phase 1c vaccinations soon.

In a statement on Instagram they wrote,  “All residents 65+ who pre-registered prior to Friday, March 19 should have received an invitation to be vaccinated. The Health Department expects that all individuals 16-64 with high-risk health conditions who also pre-registered prior to March 19 should be issued an invitation to be vaccinated by next week.”

“The Convention Center vaccination clinic has begun inviting individuals who qualify for phase 1b due to their job – transit workers, grocery store employees, etc. – to schedule appointments. VB will likely enter phase 1c around mid-April and phase 2 in May.”

“If you pre-registered and have not received an invitation to schedule an appointment and you are 65 or older, please be sure to check your spam folder. If the invitation isn’t in your spam folder, email [email protected]. If you have not yet registered, visit”

Phase 1c includes workers in energy, food service, construction water/wastewater, communications and media, public safety and more.