Who are your 4 favorite Muppets of all time? ~ CASH {Pic}

Forgive me for starting an argument this early in the week, but this list is nuts and it’s a trick! What it should ask is, what are your favorite Muppets, including the Sesame Street Muppets?

Well, they ranked all the Muppets and I’m just not sure about any of it. Miss Piggy is really ranked 8th on the list. You know who got the number one seed, Kermit did of course! This list includes the Sesame Street characters and Grover is the first to make the list holding down the spot. I’m sorry, I like the Muppets just as much as everyone else, but c’mon, Sesame Street isn’t some walk the park. You mean to tell me Big Bird and Elmo can’t compete for the number one spot? Big Bird 14th on the list and Elmo is 22nd! The Count is 25th? Get outta here with this list.

Here’s what I need from you, give me the top four? Who would you go with? For the full ranking, click here.

Here’s their top four:

  1. Kermit
  2. Gonzo
  3. Animal
  4. Beaker


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