Luke Bryan Recounts His Horrifying Fishing Accident to Jimmy Kimmel {WATCH}

Luke Bryan recently endured a pretty grisly accident while fishing and shared this photo on social media.


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Well, in a new interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (April 7), he went into more detail on exactly what happened. Luke was out fishing with his friend and guitar tech Russ when he ended up with two barbed hooks embedded in his hand — “one to the bone,” while the other one was visibly sticking all the way through the flesh between the first finger and thumb.

He told Jimmy, “My first thought was, ‘I’ve ruined Russ’s fishing trip and might lose an employee over this.”

Luke also talked about his Mom and her growing Instagram fans, “I looked down and my mother had 209,000 Instagram followers….and then I started worrying about the potential fallout because there’s no telling what she’s gonna wake up and do.”