18-Year-Old Pro Bowler with a Mullet, Picks up The 7-10 Split and Announcer Goes Nuts! ~ CASH {Watch}

I love bowling. I have a confession to make. I’ve never bowled over 200. I know, I’m ashamed and embarrassed. My best score, 199. I only wish I was as good as this kid.

This is what an athlete looks like folks. There’s a chance that nobody else in the world could have done what that kid did. And, with that sweet hair and look. This kid’s going places!

I love this! I love watching professional bowling. These guys will bowl with the shades on and with some serious attitude. You can usually catch the series on Sunday afternoons on one of the many sports channels that you have.

From what they were saying, this hadn’t been done on TV in over 30 years. Anthony Neuer nailed it! Check it out!