A flame-throwing college softball player at the University of North Texas just struck out every batter she faced for a perfect game! ~ CASH {Watch}

This is unbelievable! And, it’s the first time it has ever happened. Throwing a complete game is a pretty great accomplishment. Throwing a no-hitter is even more amazing. What’s better than that? How about striking out every single batter you face without throwing any balls? Impressed yet?

That’s what Hope Trautwein did. 21 batters faced, 21 batters struck out. As for the opposing team, there’s not much Arkansas-Pine Bluff could do since Hope was bringing the heat. You just have to stand back and admire greatness at that point and take your strikeout as a badge of honor.

What a performance. I don’t think people realize how incredible of an accomplishment this is. For the full story, click here. Watch the video of her sitting down the final batter of the day below.