Bear breaks into home, very small dog chases him away. ~ CASH {Watch}

My dog Pepper back in high school was the smallest dog on the block, but she had the biggest attitude of them all. I would watch Pepper take on dogs double, triple her size and she would walk away victorious. This reminds me of Pepper.

Deedee Mueller was taking a nap inside her Pasadena, California home when her very small terrier ran out of the room barking like crazy. What could it have been, She asked?

How does this happen? I don’t understand??? I’ve had friends of mine that live in the mountains and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a raccoon to come up on your patio and look for food. That’s it! However, I did use to work at this spot called the Lodge in Cloudcroft. It’s a mountain getaway that’s been around since the 1930s in southern New Mexico. Some of Hollywood’s greatest actors and actresses have spent a weekend together there. One evening a bear made its way into the lodge and walked around for a bit before being shooed away.

Good thing Mei, Mei, the Terrier, was there to take care of business. Can you imagine? Check it out!