Keith Urban Shares ‘Unusual’ Experience Behind Taylor Swift Collaborations

Keith Urban appears on the new Taylor Swift album twice, on a duet called “That’s When” and he provides harmonies on “We Were Happy.”

In a virtual appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Keith explained that he was in Australia doing some Christmas shopping at the mall when he got a text from Taylor asking if he wanted to sing on the album.  Taylor had toured with Keith, opening for him during the time period in which she recorded the original version of Fearless.

Keith was up for it and he says, “So she sends me the songs, I’m sitting in the food court at the shopping center, listening to these two unreleased Taylor Swift songs. It was an unusual place to be hearing unreleased Taylor Swift music.”


So Keith Urban does his own Christmas shopping at the mall??!!! Mind blown!

Keith also performed “One Too Many” on the show.