Keith Urban Says His ‘Strangest’ Gig Was Playing on Top of Baggage Carousel at ‘Tiny’ Australian Airport {WATCH}

Keith Urban appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden where he revealed his “strangest” gig was at a ‘tiny regional airport in Australia.”

He told James, “My manager at the time, I think had done some very questionable deal to get us a couple of airline tickets. We had a three-piece band and we were just gonna play at this little airport…one baggage carousel, that’s how small the airport is.”

He said the airport manager pointed to where the band would be playing and it was on top of the baggage carousel!

“You know the little carpeted area above the carousel where the bags come around, the little island above it? That is where we had to play. So we set up the drum kit, me and the bass player just fit in this little tiny strip, and we sound checked a little bit.”

He said it was going well until the luggage carousel began to move.

“There’s about like 15 people kind of getting into it…next minute, [honk, honk] all the bags start coming down and everyone got their luggage and just all left,’ ” he said.