World War II-Era plane forced to make an emergency landing in Florida waters. ~ CASH {Watch}

Nice landing!

These pilots have ice cubes running through their veins. I can’t even get up to go use the bathroom when I’m flying. I know, lame sauce. Oh, then there was that one time when I was invited to cruise in an old school WWII bomber and it almost made me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t believe it. I was the youngest cat on the plane and I was the one who had to sit down. The lady gave me a vomit bag. I couldn’t believe it. I did gather a greater appreciation for the brave men and women who had to operate in these machines. Everything is so computerized nowadays. Back then, there were wires running from the front of the plane to back to make sure when you turned the wheel, things were happening.

Simple engine failure led this pilot to land in the water. Nobody was injured, thankfully. Check it out!