Some random guy filmed riding a Flying Hoverboard down a city street and now I wish I had one. ~ CASH {Watch}

What’s going on here? It was my understanding that hoverboards weren’t possible. I knew it, I knew the government was hiding these from us. Isn’t it kind of hard to believe that we still haven’t figured out how to make the hoverboard from “Back to the Future II?” Well, it looks like they’re getting closer.

This guy just Green Goblin’d down this city street! Or, you can say that he was Silver Surfing down the road. Whichever you want to use is fine, but this is awesome! When I was in Baltimore the other weekend I saw a bunch of kids popping wheelies in downtown Baltimore, it was awesome! But this is on another level.

He’s casually strolling, excuse me, flying down the road. It looks like it’s a giant drone he’s riding on top of. Check it out and where can I buy one?