Carrie Underwood Shares Fitness Tips and Shows Off Some Serious Leg Muscles in Instagram Selfie

Carrie Underwood showed off some serious leg muscles in a recent Instagram post…and why not?  She works hard for it!

She captioned the post, “About to get some extra credit in this afternoon with the @fit52 13-Card Draw,” in reference to her Fit52 workout app which features 52 exercises or 26 exercises based around a deck of cards.


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So what does Carrie do to achieve that kind of strength?  She detailed her leg workout to Women’s Health and it consists of “six supersets of three moves, each done for three or four sets. Moves include tuck jumpsRomanian deadlifts (with 30- to 35-pound dumbbells), walking lunges (with 20- to 25-pound dumbbells), and elevated sumo squats (with a 50-pound dumbbell!).”

She also told Shape that she likes to keep things simple, “The fewer things I have to think about and worry about, the better. If it’s too complicated, I’m not going to do it.”  And she revealed the one exercise she doesn’t like to…burpees.

Doesn’t look like she needs them.


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