Crazy fight breaks out at Mississippi restaurant and it’s simply amazing! ~ CASH {Watch}

So, I guess when you’re here, you’re not family. It’s not that restaurant for one, but what in the world led to this?

This reminds me of the “Dennys” trip I went on during New Year’s Eve. It was a madhouse, a madhouse!!! Special points to anyone who gets that movie reference. This had to have been 15 years ago. I felt so bad for the servers and folks working for a living. Some crazy fight broke out in the middle of the restaurant. We were inside waiting for a table when out of nowhere, chairs were being thrown, tables, and salt and pepper shakers. It was nuts! Cops showed up and arrested everyone.

I know this is crazy to watch, but it’s also sad because there are kids there watching. Hey, adults!!! Start acting like adults!!!

Then I see this crazy video. What has to happen that would escalate things to this? Did someone’s food order get mixed up? Who starts talking junk to who when you’re at a restaurant eating? Who knows?

Check it out!