Newport News Police Officer Ervin Beganovic Talks About Building Relationships, his Pathway to Public Safety, and More with Cash Warren. {Listen}

What a story! From Bosnia to Newport News, VA. Ervin is stepping it up and making a difference in his community!

Erin Beganovic made news headlines right before Easter when local news stations began to highlight his relationship with Jeremiah Shavers. For the full story, click here. Jeremiah and his Mom, Tempestt, brought Ervin a plate of food while he was on patrol. The kind gesture kicked off an amazing relationship between the two that has only grown stronger.

In addition to giving back to his community, Ervin tells us what led him down the path to public safety. From Bosnia to Hampton Roads, to the current state of policing, to working out, to potentially going on a ride-along with Ervin in the near future when things get back to normal. It’s 25 good minutes with one of Newport News’s finest.