An armored car robbery attempt in South Africa looks like a scene out of an action-movie! ~ CASH {Watch}

First, let’s give it to the guys driving the car. If they were nervous or scared, it didn’t show.

Look at it! Is it the middle of the day? Man, folks don’t even care anymore. Then again, I don’t think there are a bunch of armored cars driving at night. Sorry, should’ve thought more about that before I said it. But still.

I’m not really sure how you would react, maybe panic? But these two cats are as cool as a couple of cucumbers. Does this happen often? Is this their first attempted robbery? Whatever the answer might be, if I needed some guys to protect some cargo, these are the two you want.

Thankfully, the drivers got away, and also thankfully, it was all caught on the dashcam. Check it out!