Luke Bryan Wants Thomas Rhett to Be His Pool Boy? {WATCH}

Luke Bryan was on yesterday’s “Ellen” talking about his recent ACM Entertainer of the Year award. She congratulated him for “taking it away from that previous guy” . . . Thomas Rhett.

Luke said, “And now that I think about it. The ACMs got delayed and then he wins and only gets half a year. I get my full year. Maybe I need to sit down with him and I’ll grant him, like 33 and a third.”

“Whatever, I can’t do math. But I’ll grant him a couple extra months. [Maybe] he can come clean my pool at the house and I’ll let him have two or three extra months of walking around and telling everybody he’s Entertainer of the Year.”

Hmm…well, Thomas actually tied with Carrie Underwood for Entertainer of the Year in 2020 so they would have to split it three ways.