Fisherman runs away from Gator trying to eat the fish he just caught. What!?!? ~ CASH {Watch}

Heads up, there’s a little bit of language at the beginning. Nothing too bad.

Listen, this isn’t the first video we’ve seen of a hungry croc making an easy meal out of someone else’s hard work and I’m getting sick and tired of it! I mean, there isn’t much I can do, but enough is enough.

First off, I love that this guy is having the time of his life watching this croc steal his fish. It’s awesome! Then again, I’m the guy surprised that someone would be chilling out next to waters that have gators that size. Haven’t you ever seen “Crocodile Dundee?”

Thankfully, this guy had fun with it. I mean, how often does a giant croc come running out of the water to steal your dinner? Good thing he was rolling. Check it out!