Travis Denning Reveals He Once Threw Up on Maddie of Maddie & Tae!

Travis Denning and Maddie Marlow of Maddie & Tae once shared a moment that they’ll never forget.  Unfortunately, it’s not a good moment.  It’s the time they were on a plane . . . and he threw up on her.

They discussed the incident on “Travis Denning and Friends Do Stuff” when Maddie and Tae were the guests.  During this episode, the friends ate spicy Nashville chicken while swapping stories.

So here’s how the vomiting event happened…

They did a show in Augusta, Georgia and went out for tequila shots afterwards.  The next morning he was “feeling like absolute hell” but they had to catch a flight.  He was ON the plane sitting next to Maddie when they knew he was going to lose it.

Denning said, “I just remember that happening and I’m like, ‘I literally just threw up on Maddie.’  From then on, it was like, ‘we’re brothers for life, forever.'”

Maddie agreed.  She added, “If you don’t puke on each other, you ain’t real friends.”