First, a Tiger in Houston. Now, a “Mad” Zebra is on the loose in Nashville. ~ CASH {Pic}

Again, the fact that someone has a zebra chilling out in their backyard is a serious problem. Unless of course, it broke out of its enclosure at the zoo. Yeah, that wasn’t the case either. According to reports, the mad zebra escaped from the back of a truck.

Teachers and students at Prescott South Elementary School were just about to start their day when they noticed something strange going on outside. Oh, don’t mind that, it’s just a zebra!

The craziest part about the story is that the elementary school sent out a text to parents notifying them of the mad zebra. Here’s what the text read:

“Good morning Prescott Families,” the post read. “There is a zebra on the loose in the Prescott area. It escaped a truck, was tased, and is mad. Do not approach. (Yes, really).”

Shortly after the text was sent out, the “mad” zebra was caught. Take a look!