Thomas Rhett is Encouraging Kids to Get Outside with New Project

Remember when your parents would tell you “Go outside and play and don’t come back until it’s dinner time.”  No? Just me?

Well, Thomas Rhett wants kids to get back outside again to play. He’s teamed up with the Outdoorologist Project, which encourages kids to spend an hour a day outside to boost their mental and physical health.

Some of my favorite family memories are the times we’ve spent together outside, whether sitting around a campfire on the beach, teaching the girls to ski and fish, or simply hanging out in the backyard playing pretend with them in their secret fairy garden. It’s our family’s favorite outdoor spot. I’m excited to team up with The Outsideologist Project, from the makers of Claritin®, to show families what wonders nature has in store for them to discover. The Outsideologist Project aims to get 1.2 million kids to spend an extra hour each week outside so they can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits. In case you need a little inspiration on what you and your family can discover outside, check out The Outsideologist Project on Instagram and Facebook, where you can get tips and enjoy guided activities from experts on animals, plants, weather, space and nature photography. Let’s #GetOutside