Mom nearly arrested at amusement park for wearing short shorts. ~ CASH {Pic}

Who wears short shorts? I wear….wait, not me, but I did see that they’re making a comeback. That’s right, guys. The shorter the short, above the knee, is what’s in. For ladies, I’m not sure??? But according to one security guard at an amusement park in Oklahoma, these are way too short!

I’m just not too sure about how I feel about a man going up to a woman and claiming that her shorts are way too short to be wearing in public??? If I had to guess, someone alerted the security guard to the lady’s shorts who was offended that she would step out wearing such filth. Only if I had to guess.

It all started when a security guard got on to her daughter for wheeling at the park. You know, the shoes for kids that also have wheels on them so they can skate in the grocery store? Too bad they didn’t have those when I was a kid. I mean, c’mon, it’s an amusement park, how dare any kid has any fun. Then, according to reports, the security guard kept following the mother and daughter until he confronted the woman about her shorts.

The whole thing seems to have really got blown up out of proportion. The shorts look pretty short, but I usually mind my own business when it comes to that kind of stuff. What do you think? Are the shorts too short for the public? For the full story, click here.